Freight Savings
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OFDA has saved the office furniture industry over 10 million dollars in freight costs in the past ten years alone.

Founded back on May 18, 1923 -- over 76 years ago, OFDA has been working diligently and intellectually to hold down freight costs in the office furniture industry.  Today we find our task to be more important than ever to protect a 13 billion dollar office furniture industry with a 650 million dollar freight bill.. Here's how:

  1. Panels & Partitions Case - saved the industry over $4 million in freight costs by holding the LTL rating at Class 70 on straight (not curved) panels.
  2. Credenza Case - saved the industry over $1 million in freight costs by holding LTL rating at Class 125 (carriers wanted 175).
  3. Metal Filing Cabinet Case - saved industry over $7 million by holding LTL rating at Class 85 for 20 months. Even after Class 100 went into effect January 21, 1995, additional savings are running because original carrier proposal could have been submitted at Class 125 or Class 150.
  4. Pre-Audit of Freight Bills - for one shipper we cut down freight bills by some $5000 per month for a $600 fee.
  5. Post-Audit of Freight Bills - at a 50% fee of recovered money. Some members have realized recoveries of $20,000 to $100,000.
  6. Pool distribution studies - just one study resulted in an annual freight savings of $667,000 for one member.
  7. Packaging studies - one result was a $150,000 annual savings in freight cost at no additional cost in packaging.
  8. RGA Studies - saving one chair shipper $15,000 annually.
  9. Delivered pricing studies - have performed or assisted in performing six studies for our industry. All have resulted in implementation.
  10. Carrier negotiations and discounts - always results in better pricing and saves members tens of thousands annually.
  11. Waivers by carriers of assessorials - again thousands saved by eliminating inside deliveries, notifies, single-shipment pick-ups, etc. where volume warrants.
  12. Educated members as to linear foot, minimum density and capacity load rules. By changing shipping methods, members have saved tens of thousands of freight dollars annually.
  13. Drawing up carrier contracts - for just $50.00 per contract carrier a members  investment protects them against undercharge claims (balance due freight bills) from bankrupt carriers. No immediate savings but produces peace of mind against future nightmares.
  14. Bill of Lading description and classification studies - includes any and all B/L issues. Results in tens of thousands in freight savings because we find the best and lowest lawfully filed class rating for your products.
  15. Inbound freight studies - we identify suppliers who are shipping to members indiscriminately (ex. twice per day, three times per week) and contact the supplier. Savings can run $25,000 to $50,000 per year - sometimes per supplier.
  16. Customer shipping analysis - eliminate shipping same customer twice per day or three times per week LTL and save $20,000 to $25,000 annually.
  17. Stop-off trailer studies - used in conjunction with pool distribution can result in savings of $1000 per 48 foot of office furniture. Eliminates large partials going LTL.
  18. Specialized furniture carrier studies - advise shipper members to use blanket- wrap carriers (TL and LTL) and save up to $500 per trailer in packaging cost plus load more product on same size trailer.
  19. Plant selection site and distribution center studies - proper geographical location is critical, not only cutting freight costs but enabling overnight delivery to maximum number of customers..
  20. Damage Claim and Receiving Procedure Manuals - we provide can your customers with a tailor made brochure to help them properly receive freight and correctly file claims. Saves dealers thousands of claim dollars annually.